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Playground Buddies

The school has a playground buddy system so that every pupil has a buddy at playtime, a way of looking out for one another. We also have a "Friendship Stop" in the play area so if any pupil feels that they have no-one to play with, they can go along to the "Friendship Stop" and someone will come over and invite them to join a game.



Reading Buddies

If you happen to visit the school on Friday mornings you will find all pupils engaged in reading together. The ‘Reading Buddies’ initiative pairs an older and younger pupil together and they read to one another and discuss the pictures and content of the books. What a lovely way to start the day!

Once a week, on Friday mornings, the whole school has a "buddy reading" programme where the older and younger children read to each other. This provides not only a fun time for reading but also encourages younger and older children to get to know one another.




Green Schools

St. Nicholas' N.S. is a participant in the Green Schools' Programme. This is an international environmental education programme. It aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the school. It is run by An Taisce and the local County Council. Participating schools are awarded green flags if successful.

St. Nicholas' School has already earned six green flags, the first was awarded in 2007, the second in 2009, the third in 2011 the fourth in 2013, the fifth in 2015, the sixth in 2017 and the seventh in 2020.

This is a long tern programme based on the continual reduction of the school's impact on the environment. A new environmental theme must be tackled every two years and depending on their success they will be awarded and subsequently allowed to retain their green flag.

The themes are:


St. Nicholas' N.S. has been involved in the programme since 2006. We have a Green Schools' Committee with pupil, parent, teacher and BOM representatives. The committee examines practices, creates plans and monitors progress. Findings, photos and future targets are displayed on our Green Notice Board.

Activities include:

  • Action Day - organised in conjunction with An Taisce's Spring Clean (an annual event)
  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Used stamp recycling
  • Best bin competition
  • Collection of old clothes
  • Build a bug hotel
  • Monitor water and electricity use
  • Planted a wildflower area in the school garden
  • Reduce single plastic use initiative - use lunch boxes and drinks containers

Check out the photos from our five flags below



Active Schools

Seachtain na Gaeilge

This is an annual event in school when we promote using Irish in classes and activities throughout the school. It culminates in a Lá Gaeilge when everyone dresses up in green, white or gold and we have great fun and games through Irish.

This year we began the day with a treasure hunt when clues and to be followed and letters collected. These made up a word. This year we were looking for the word ‘seanmháthair’. All the teams worked together very well, all ably let by a 6th class pupil.

This was followed by a céilí mór in halla na scoile We had the usual traditional dances and this year we also had some ‘damhsa líne’.

To finish up in the afternoon the teams were back together for our ‘Tráth na gCeist’. Bean Uí Brickenden  was the quizmaster and Iníon De Brún was the scorekeeper.

Fun and games on Lá Gaeilge treasure hunt


Click here to view more images in the gallery



The Department of Education and Skills wishes to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physical educated and physically active school community. 

St. Nicholas’ National School has done just that!

In September 2015, the school community made an undertaking to earn the flag which was awarded in June 2016. This award lasts for three years.
A committee comprised of pupils, parents and teachers began. They worked tirelessly to achieve the targets, and the staff, pupils and their families are to be commended for their efforts.

As an active school we promote activity and exercise and three mornings a week for most of the year we have a walk/run for the first ten minutes of the day. We find this is a great beginning of the day with pupils and teachers ready for work when we come bac in to the classrooms.

During the summer term we also include a physical activity as part of homework.

The highlight of our active year is Active Week which takes place in May each year and of course Sports Day in June is extremely popular with everyone.

We are now in the process of reapplying for our active flag with lots of activities and sporting events throughout the year.


Active School Flag Year 1

The school is working towards an Active School Flag which promotes activity amonst the school population.  The Active Commitee organised our first Active Week at the end of May.

Check out some photos from this active week. We had a sponsored run in the grounds of Adare Manor, a fun-filled day in Currage Chase, Zumba dancing, soccer, gold and a trip down memeory lane with some good old-fashioned playground games from days gone by.


Active School Flag Part 2

Our first Active Week in 2013 was a great success so the committee decided we should have another one in 2014. This time pupils played cricket, had a games day, were introduced to yoga and had a wet but wonderful cycle day. We are very grateful to the committee and to parents for all their support. Check out some of the photos.

We continue with all our active activities evry year, even during lockdown when schools were closed so well done to all our pupils. The school was awarded a second Active Flag in 2021.


Junior Entrepreneur Project

This year the pupils in 5th and 6th classes took part in the Junior Entrepreneur Project.  Eight groups and individuals came up with ideas and these ideas were pitched to our three ‘Dragons’.  After much deliberation the dragons decided that ‘Chore Boards’ was the winner and so that project became the classroom focus. The pupils divided up into teams depending on their strengths and these teams concentrated on further developing the ‘Chore Boards’ product which was eventually produced in the senior classroom.

Check out the photos which show the progress of the idea from the initial stages to our Showcase Day.

We are very grateful to the three ‘Dragons’; Sam Shine from Samco, Jennifer Shorten from Adare Hire and Hazel Vokes from Vokes Store. These are all local, successful businesses. We are also grateful to Bronagh Wilkinson , one of our parents and entrepreneur  who came to the school to share her business journey with us.

Thank you to all who supported us and purchased the Chore Boards.


Text Books



Visual Art

We all enjoy Visual Art classes in St. Nicholas’ N.S.  Have a look at some of the art projects we have been involved in this year.

Clayotic Art

These were designed and made by pupils in 5th and 6th classes. Clayotic is a clay product which is available in a number of colours.

Click here to view Visual Art in the gallery





Here in St. Nicholas’ N.S. Aistear  is an exciting part of the junior classroom.

Aistear is a curriculum framework for young children in Ireland. It describes the types of learning that are important for children in their early years.  Aistear brings fun and challenging experiences for the pupils in our junior classroom.

Here are some photos of some of the fun and learning earlier this school year. Click here to view more images in the gallery



Science Day in School



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